Easy Agile Programs

Easy Agile offers a Jira plugin: Easy Agile Programs.


It is a great solution for team of teams who are looking at managing their dependencies better. 

We are happy to be a partner with Easy Agile and can discuss with you the suitability of this solution for your agile at scale implementation and help you make the right decisions for you.

Key Functionality

  • Alignment at Scale: the Increment Feature Roadmap ensures all teams are aligned on the committed Features for an Increment, providing visibility into the direction of the Program for stakeholders

  • Cross-Team Dependency Visualisation/Management: a Program Manager/Release Train Engineer has full visibility of the dependencies within an Increment, facilitating conversations around how to best schedule work to fulfil the Feature outcomes for the Increment

  • Cross-Team Planning: team's plan their work in context of other teams to ensure work is best planned to achieve committed Features 

  • Digital PI Planning for teams adopting SAFe: the ability for team's to facilitate cross-team planning and dependency management, allows distributed teams to participate in digital PI Planning sessions. The Increment Overview means the physical 'Spaghetti Board' created during the 2 day PI Planning session, lives on, and progress towards Feature completion can be tracked in real time