Agile Programs for Jira

Ativo offers a Jira Plugin: Agile Programs for Jira. 


It is a great solution for team of teams who are looking at implementing Essential SAFe in our virtual world. 

We are happy to be a partner with Ativo and can discuss with you the suitability of this solution for your agile at scale implementation and guide you to make the right decisions for you. 

Key Features:

  • Plan Stories: Teams plan in their stories during the breakout session of the PI Planning meeting. The planning of stories is done in the Jira project backlog of the team.

  • Plan Features: Features are usually created before the PI Program Planning, and already added to a period. 

  • Plan dependencies:  Dependencies are stories in one team, that are part of a feature for which another team is in the lead.

  • Raise Issues/Risks:  When managing a program, it is important to manage the key issues and risks that are raised from the teams. At program level, issues and risks can be linked to a feature or a cross-team dependency.

  • Review PI Plan:  At the end of first and second day of the PI planning session, a review is done with all teams and management.  Each team presents its planned features, program risks and issues.

  • Scrum of Scrum / Art Syncs: Review progress and mitigate impediments and risk of the teams.